Table of the ESG Indicators

Issues Name of Indicators Units Year 2017
Scope 1: Direct Greenhouse gas emissions1 million tons CO2e 0.29
Scope 2: Indirect Greenhouse gas emissions1 million tons CO2e 11.22
Total Greenhouse gas emissions2 million tons CO2e 11.51
Greenhouse gas emissions per unit
operating revenue
tCO2e/million yuan 31.42
Sewage emissions3 million tons 37.55
SO2 emissions4 tons 122.11
Waste disposal amount tons 121,276.15
Waste disposal fee million yuan 2,629.01
Waste storage batteries disposal amount tons 11,588.42
Emissions Waste storage batteries disposal fee million yuan 83.41
Waste telecommunications equipment
disposal amount
tons 14,005.04
Waste telecommunications equipment
disposal fee
million yuan 114.49
Waste cables disposal amount tons 85,561.88
Waste cables disposal fee million yuan 2,347.43
Waste terminals disposal amount tons 587.56
Waste terminals disposal fee million yuan 20.40
Other waste disposal amount tons 9,533.23
Other waste disposal fee million yuan 63.29
Domestic waste emissions5 tons 19,134.93
Issues Name of Indicators Units Year 2017
Electricity consumption 100 million kwh 162.76
Natural gas consumption million m3 8.50
Coal consumption 10,000 tons 0.91
Gasoline consumption 10,000 tons 6.15
Diesel consumption 10,000 tons 2.04
Kerosene consumption tons 0
Purchased heat consumption amount GJ 1,500,277.53
Purchased heat consumption fee million yuan 79.37
Overall energy consumption6 tce 2,191,379.37
Overall energy consumption per unit of
information flow
kgce/TB 7.10
Use of Resources Overall energy consumption per
operating revenue
kgce/million yuan 5,983.63
Power consumption per carrier frequency at
base stations
kwh/carrier frequency 721.77
Water consumption million tons 44.18
Water consumption per unit
operating revenue
tons/million yuan 120.63
Coverage rate of energy-saving technology at
base stations
% 67.00
Coverage rate of energy-saving technology at
telecommunications equipment room
% 72.81
Reclaimed water consumption tons 36,531.37
The Environment
and Natural
Investment in energy saving and
emission reduction
million yuan 531.94
Number of new energy base stations - 23,337
Times of video conferencing - 36,896
Issues Name of Indicators Units Year 2017
4G international roaming countries and regions 137
Domestic administrative village
fibre broadband coverage7
% 85
Domestic administrative village
4G network coverage
% 88
Internet backbone interconnection bandwidth G 4,656.31
International interconnection bandwidth G 4,902.15
Call drop rate of mobile communication % 0.24
Call completing rate of
mobile communication network
% 97.51
Call completing rate for access line % 94.86
Packet loss rate of broadband Internet
ChinaNet backbone network
% 0.02
Degree of satisfaction of mobile Internet users8 points9 76.40
Degree of satisfaction of mobile voice users8 points9 80.92
Degree of satisfaction of fixed Internet users8 points9 75.03
Degree of satisfaction of access line users8 points9 79.41
Percentage of in-time response to
customer repair reports
% 98.30
Degree of satisfaction of international customers points9 90.10
Number of newly acquired patent authorisation - 432
Number of newly acquired invention
patent authorisation
- 406
Cumulative number of patent authorisation - 1,720
Cumulative number of invention
patent authorisation
- 1,611
Number of phishing and fraud sites blocked - 3,744
Anti-corruption Anti-corruption education programs organised - 11,478
Attendance of anti-corruption education
and trainings
person-times 598,778
Issues Name of Indicators Units Year 2017
Percentage of employees participating in
labour union
% 100
Percentage of female employees at
management level
% 19.39
Total number of employees10 - 284,206
Percentage of employees aged 30 and below % 13.89
Percentage of employees aged 31 to 50 % 72.37
Percentage of employees aged 51 and above % 13.74
Percentage of female employees % 32.39
Percentage of employees of ethnic minorities % 6.39
Employment Percentage of local employees hired
in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and
overseas branches
% 42
Total number of newly-hired employees - 8,888
Percentage of newly-hired female employees % 41.56
Number of resigned employees - 4,599
Percentage of female employees among
resigned employees
% 34.20
Total number of dismissed employees - 337
Percentage of female employees among
dismissed employees
% 26.71
Issues Name of Indicators Units Year 2017
Death rate in accidents per 1,000 employees % 0.0035
Injury rate in accidents per 1,000 employees % 0
Loss of working days due to work-related injury - 0
Health and
Number of participants in safety
emergency drills
person-times 192,958
Number of participants in health and
safety trainings
person-times 263,598
Participation rate of employee health checkup % 100
Training expenses per employee yuan 2,584.60
Number of internal trainers - 10,151
Number of training participants 10,000 person-times 46.62
Number of senior management trained person-times 360
Number of middle-level management trained person-times 58,884
Number of general employees trained person-times 406,913
Number of female employees trained person-times 1 56,666
Number of participants in skill certification person-times 88,511
and Training
Number of employees enrolled in online college 1 0,000 persons 27.03
Average training time per employee hours 37.20
Average training time per senior management hours 56.71
Average training time per middle-level
hours 33.01
Average training time per general employee hours 21.88
Average training time per male employee hours 23.60
Average training time per female employee hours 22.33
Average training time in online college
per employee
hours 16.60
Issues Name of Indicators UnitsYear 2017
Number of registered employee volunteers 10,000 persons 4.38
Total service time of volunteers 10,000 hours 47.39
Number of participants in
volunteering activities
10,000 person-times 8.97
Number of volunteering activities sessions 9,867
Volunteer service activities input amount million yuan 10.75
Number of participated pole line
kilometres 5,687
Number of provided pole line co-sharing kilometres 22,198
Number of participated pipeline
kilometres 3,564
Community Number of provided pipeline co-sharing kilometres 1,533
Number of participated indoor distribution system
- 9,249
Number of provided indoor distribution
system co-sharing
- 1,299
Personnel involved in emergency
communication support
person-times 111,610
Number of emergency communication
equipment dispatched
set-times 19,494
Number of emergency communication
vehicles dispatched
vehicle-times 25,990
Number of emergency public service
messages sent
million pieces 23.01

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